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From the 1960ies, Boa constrictors have been imported to Europe in large numbers from several countries, much like it happened int he US and all over the world. By doing so, chance were given for snake keepers to cross various susbspecies and localities. Due to the rudeness of the "early days" of reptile keeping, most keepers mixed those very different, distinct localities of Boa constrictors, creating crossbred boas, that are often refered as "European mix boas" or "Terrarium boa" in the european reptile lingo these days. Those crossbred, mixed-locality boas seceded from their former pure relatives for more than ten generations. Of course, these crossbred boas are not pure anymore and will not be able to reproduce any, either.

Certainly, crossbred boas do not exist in the wild, they were produced by a series of human intervention. However, due to their medium size, calm temperament, easy care, and last but not least low prices they had become more popular than any other snake species in the last few decades.

In the 90ies-, back when there weren’t any purebred localities of Boa constrictor subspecies in middle Europe -we could obtain crossbred boas only. We had been keeping them for several years, breeding them a few times before had oportunity to build a collection of pureblooded Boa constrictors.

These photos of our former crossbred boas reminds us that we were beginners once, just like everybody else and that we have come a long way from buying our first crossbred boa in 1997 to breeding pure Boa c. sabogae from Panama in 2009 for example.

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1.1 CB 2007 Argentine boas

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