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Time to say goodbye!2019-10-20

After almost 25 years, we have decided to quit this great hobby, which gave us so much experience over the years...more..

Fungal disease poses global threat to snakes2018-01-06

Snake Fungal Disease was first described in wild population of timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) barely more than a decade. Since then, several other snakes species have been associated with the same pathogen agent...more..

Let us introduce ourselfs!

We have been keeping and breeding Boa constrictors, studying subspecies and localities since 1995. Nowadays, we can proudly say that we have the most significant collection of purebred Boa constricor subspecies and localities in Hungary, one of the most significant in Europe. Our goal is to obtain, keep, study and breed more localities in the future, maintaining these localities as pure as they occur in the wild.
We make great efforts to maintain purebred boas in captivity. Since it can not be judged with certainity by either sight or appearance whether a boa is a purebred speciment or not, we obtain only wild caught or farmbred specimens (F1) with proper documents, furthermore offsprings from breeders that have nationwide reputation. We are doing this to assure that animals are 100% true subspecies and localities in our collection.

We are not interested in colour and pattern morphs (designer boas), since these animals were created mostly by human meddle, arguably for financial reasons, not by the Mother Nature. In our personal opinion, a designer morph boa can not compete the beauty of a true wild existing Boa constrictor.

We hope you will find our site useful and you will enjoy it!

Adam Botond and his Family

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1.1 CB 2007 Argentine boas

(Boa c. occidentalis)details..